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Here's a sampling of my past writings and some notes on my current writing projects. Enjoy what I have and note that I love (positive, constructive!) feedback. Tweet me @adeena.

A sampling of my writings for your reading pleasure:

Minding My Business: The Complete, No-Nonsense, Start-to-Finish Guide to Owning and Running Your Own Store
This book combines my two Cute Little Store books (see below) into one bigger book, with some recent updates. It's available both in hardcopy and for Kindle. Read it, post a positive review, talk to me about it on twitter (@adeena).
Tags: non-fiction, small business

Cute Little Store 2: what ever happened to that cute little store?
This is my 2nd book that completes the story of my former retail store. If you are planing on starting a business, or know anyone who wants to start one, this, along with my first book (see below) is a must read!
Tags: non-fiction, small business

Download and read the Intro to Cute Little Store 2 for FREE!

Cute Little Store: between the entrepreneurial dream and business reality
is my first published book and is available at Amazon.com
It's about all the ups and downs of those first few years in retail. My retail business, The Pot and Bead, which I started, owned and ran from late 2002 to early 2008 served as the inspiration and much of the information for this book.
Tags: non-fiction, small business

Download and read the Intro to Cute Little Store for FREE!

How I (Inadvertently) Took My Mom's Advice and (Accidentally) Found a Nice Italian Boy
I wrote this for a magazine called "The First Line". They give you the first line and you can write any fiction with it. It didn't get accepted into that issue, but it's now here for your enjoyment. This is the first "chick lit" thing I ever wrote.
Tags: fiction, chick lit

Two Lessons I Learned in College
An essay for a website that help high-school students make the transition to college.
Tags: non-fiction, personal essay, college

One of my first "completed" robot type stories. Inspired by an actual lunch I had with a friend once. I submitted this to some sci-fi mags many years ago and it was not published. I received some decent feedback, but basically, it wasn't really science-y enough. Most of the short sci-fi stories I have in works are about robots, androids, and AI.
Tags: fiction, science fiction, robots

Look Before You Leap
This was the first writing that I did related to starting a small business. It appeared on a local website called loudoundeals.com back in 2004. The link is long gone, but here's the article.
Tags: non-fiction, small business

Genealogy: A How-To For Beginners
This article was published in print and online in a magazine called Washington Parent back in 2004. The online link is long since gone, but here's the original article.
Tags: non-fiction, genealogy

Essay on Gardening
I wrote this short essay quickly for a contest that had come up back in 2001. Meant to be kinda silly.
Tags: fiction, personal essay, gardening, tomatoes

Assign #3 / Chapter #8
This was one of my favorite little writings from my creative writing class in college.
Tags: fiction, science fiction, Mars

Assign #2 / Exercise #2
Another one of my favorites from my creative writing class in college.
Tags: fiction, fantasy

All works are Unpublished Copyright by Adeena J Mignogna

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